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The National Archives and Records Administration keeps the records of the Federal government. Follow links from here to information available in each of NARA's regional archives. Examples of NARA holdings useful to genealogists are records relating to military service, bankruptcy, immigration and land ownership.

Census materials that may aid in genealogical research. Note that information collected in the Decennial Census on individuals does not become available to the public until after 72 years to protect privacy.

Library of Congress genealogy resources. The Library of Congress' genealogy collection began as early as 1815 with the purchase of Thomas Jefferson's library. Since then many collections have been acquired. The Library also built a digital collections portal. These are digitized records from its own collections and those of other institutions made available to all via the internet. Photographs, manuscripts, maps, and even sound recordings can all be accessed from a computer.

Other federal resources: Follow links from USA.gov's family history portal.

Useful state websites:

Georgia Government Publications - scanned documents and video, including the 1964-98 marriage register
Georgia Census Data Program
Georgia Genealogical Society

The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library system offers special genealogy resources in its Special Collections Department on the 5th floor of Central Library, and at the Auburn Avenue Research Library at 101 Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta. Free access to Ancestry.com is available at any branch. The Ivan Allen, Jr. Reference Department on the second floor of Central Library is a U.S. Government Depository containing many government publications that can be useful in genealogical research.

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