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Vital Records & Voter Registration

Fulton County Board of Health Office of Vital Records and locations. NOTE: The downtown office is located at 10 Park Place downtown Atlanta. Fulton County's Vital Records office can issue birth certificates for other Georgia counties in most cases even if the records are in another county in the State of Georgia.

State of Georgia Vital Records page.

Offices for other states and territories are linked from Where To Write... page of the National Center for Health Statistics.

How to get a Social Security card.

Once you are registered to vote, those without other acceptable identification can obtain an Identification Card free of charge for voting purposes. This card can also be obtained from the Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections.  

Georgia Secretary of State My Voter Page. Has current instructions on identification required to vote, election calendar, and statistics by precinct, by race, gender, and age, including historicals back to 1962.

Fulton County Department of Registration & Elections. Fulton County residents must be registered with Fulton County by the close of registration prior to an election if they wish to vote on election day. The deadline is normally the fifth Monday prior to an election. NOTE: The Department moved to 130 Peachtree St., Suite 2186 in 2011.

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