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 215 Lakewood Way, Suite 104
Atlanta, GA 30315

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About Carver Homes Branch


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Bus 42 Pryor Road/McDaniel Street

Bus 155 Windsor Street/Lakewood Avenue

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 The Carver Homes Branch Library of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System is located in the John C. Birdine Neighborhood Center, at 215 Lakewood Way, Suite 104, Atlanta.

Services offered at the Library include circulating materials, including DVD's, videos, CD's, magazines, large print and popular materials; computers with word processing capabilities and Internet access; preschool programs such as storytimes and crafts; afterschool programs such as movies, reference workshops and other recreational learning experience; homework help; adult programs, such as parenting workshop and computer training; and community outreach.

The original Carver Homes Branch Library, which opened in 1990, was located at 1654 Pryor Road. The Library was closed and demolished during the revitalization process of Carver Homes.