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How do I access Fulton County Library Resources? 
You can access library digital resources through MyBackpack (APS) or through the Library website (afpls.org/class) using your Student ID or Employee ID number. Your Student ID/Employee ID number will act as your library card number when using library resources.

What is my PIN?
If you attend an Atlanta Public School, your PIN is your lunch number. If you attend a Charter School in the City of Atlanta, your PIN is your 4 digit birthday using the month and day you were born (in the format MMDD). Employees will use the phrase "CHANGEME" (case sensitive) as a PIN , until they have changed it. For example, if you were born on September 8, your PIN would be 0908. 

May I change my PIN?
Students may not change their PIN. Employees are encouraged to change their PIN from "CHANGEME" as soon as possible. The PIN for students is intentionally set to be something you will have no problem remembering. 

Do I have to know my Student ID or Employee ID number to check out books at a public library branch? 
Yes, you will need to know your Student ID or Employee ID number and PIN to check out materials at a Fulton County Library. 

What is the difference between a student number and a Student ID?
Nothing! They are the same thing at the library.

Can the library tell me my Student ID or Employee ID number?
Your Student ID number is 8Alpha4Numeric (more specifically, it is the 1st letter of your first name, the first 7 letters of your last name, and the 4 final digits of your student ID). For example, if your name is Kate Pullman and the last four digits of your Student ID are 1234, your Student ID number will be KPULLMAN1234. If your last name is less than 7 digits long, it will be the 1st letter of your first name, your full last name, and the last 4 digits of your student ID. If you still do not know your Student ID number, please ask your Media Specialist. If you are an employee and you are unaware of your Employee ID number, please see a member of your HR team. Library staff are not able to give out Student ID or Employee ID numbers.

I'm trying to access a database and it is asking me for a library card number.  I thought I just needed to know my Student ID or Employee ID? 
Your Student ID and Employee ID number work the same way as a library card number.

May I use the library’s computers to type my paper and do research?
Yes. All library account holders are allowed two hours of computer time a day. Please check the hours of the library you would like to visit at http://afpls.org/locations.

How many items may I check out at one time with my CLASS PASS @ APS?

Print Materials eResources
50 books hoopla digital - 10 downloads/month
10 CDs Overdrive - 10 items every 30 days
5 DVDs Axis 360 - 3 titles at a time

Are there any items I cannot check out using my CLASS PASS @ APS account?
There are no limits to what you may check out. Your CLASS PASS @ APS works just like a library card! 

Where is the library nearest to me?
Check out our library locations and hours at http://afpls.org/locations

What if I cannot return my books by the due date?
Please return them as soon as possible to enable other students to have access. Remember, you may renew your items online at afpls.org (just click my account to login and renew your checked out items). 

How much are the fines if I return a book late?
There are no fines on CLASS PASS @ APS accounts. However, any item more than 30 days late will be considered lost and result in the CLASS PASS @ APS being blocked and billed for the catalog price of the item. We strongly urge you to make all possible efforts to locate the item before reporting it lost. A CLASS PASS @ APS account holder may clear a blocked account by writing a short review of a book. Click here to get started. 

The book/ebook title I want to check out is not in your system. How do I make a suggestion for the library to buy it?
If you would like to recommend a title for the library to purchase, you may complete this form to make a suggestion. 

I have fines on my library card. May I still use my CLASS PASS @ APS account?
Yes. So long as your CLASS PASS account is not blocked, you can use it to check out items even if your regular library card is blocked.

What is the difference between a regular library card and CLASS PASS @ APS account?
A CLASS PASS @ APS account does not collect late fees. If the account becomes BLOCKED due to a lost item, a student can easily remove the fee by completing a simple writing task. PLEASE BE AWARE:  the "no-fee based" CLASS PASS @ APS should not be confused with a traditional Fulton County Library card. Fines will not be waived on late materials checked out with a traditional Fulton County Library System card. The only way to avoid fines is to use your CLASS PASS @ APS (student ID number). 

Also, a curated collection of eBooks is available exclusively to CLASS PASS @ APS users. This content is not available to the general public/Fulton County Library cardholders.  

I lost a book and now I cannot check any books out. Help!
If it has not yet become overdue, please contact a library staff member to report the lost item, so that they may mark it LOST in your account. Once the book has been marked as LOST in your account, please click here to clear your blocked account by writing a short review of a book. Once completed, the lost item fee will be wiped from your account. 

Can I return a public library book at my school library?
At this time, you may only return library materials at a library. Click here for a list of locations.  

I returned the public library’s book to my school media center by mistake.
Please visit your Media Specialist or Media Center Designee and report the error as soon as possible, so that we may locate the item. 

Is the library open on Sunday?
Yes! Many of our locations are open on Sundays, please visit http://afpls.org/locations to find an open location near you.

The item I want says it is on hold. How do I request it?
You may place an item on hold online or in person at your local library branch. Click here for instructions. 

Do you have any apps?
Yes! Check out our app page.

What if I am having trouble opening a digital resource in my internet browser?
Please be sure you are running a current version of Internet Explorer or try using Google Chrome to access our web-based resources.  

How do I know when a book I have placed on hold is ready for pick-up or if I have an overdue library book? 
All Library notices will be emailed to your APS email address. If you do not know your APS student email address, please check with your teacher or Media Specialist/Media Admin.  


What if I do not want my child to have a CLASS PASS @ APS account?
Parents may choose to opt their child out by completing an opt-out form online and submitting through Fulton County Library System. If you are unable to complete the online opt-out form, you may pick up a paper form from your child's Media Center or from your school's Media Admin. Click here to complete your opt out form online. 

Note: Parents that choose to opt their child out of this program limit their child’s access to free public library resources. Students may be encouraged to use Fulton County Library System resources to complete assignments to support learning and promote academic success.

I have a question I do not see on this page.
Visit Ask a Librarian and chat with a member of our staff. 

How do I know if an item my child has placed on hold is available or if my child has an overdue item? 
All Library notices will be emailed to the APS email address assigned to each student. If you do not know your child's email address, please check with a staff member at your child's school.