Bookmobile Stop Criteria

Stop Criteria

The Bookmobile is a library on wheels. We carry hundreds of popular and useful adult, teen and children's books, audio books, and DVDs. We serve areas with limited access to our libraries.  Exceptions can be made to stop criteria.  Please contact us if you think you have an outstanding need. One time visit requests will be considered on an individual basis. 

The service schedule of the Bookmobile is evaluated every quarter. The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System reserves the right to cancel a stop that does not meet the stated requirements and change the stop schedule as needed. 

Please direct any questions to the Bookmobile Librarian 404.730.1779.

Distance from Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System branches

  • Stop must be more than three miles from an existing library branch

Open and free access to ideas and information

  • Stop time and location will be listed on Atlanta-Fulton Public Library’s web site
  • Area must be open and accessible to the general public

Availability of adequate parking

  • Ample parking must be available for patrons
  • Sufficient parking space must be available to accommodate ­­37’ Bookmobile
  • Sufficient parking space and street access space must be available for the Bookmobile to maneuver in and out of the parking area
  • Dedicated parking location must be designated for Bookmobile which is visible to the general public
  • Parking area must be well-lit and well maintained, especially during the winter season

Stop responsibility

  • Stop liaison must maintain up-to-date site and contact information with Bookmobile staff
  • Open restroom facility must be accessible for Bookmobile staff

Patron Use

  • The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System reserves the right to cancel a stop should the number of patrons utilizing the Bookmobile drop below a sufficient number to justify the service


 Updated 4/1/12