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2019 Year in Review: How do you FulcoLibrary?

Ever wonder how other library patrons use the Fulton County Library System?  If you had to guess, what would you think is our most used resource? Is it digital books or physical books.  How many programs do we actually hold for children, teens and adults?  How many volunteers does it take to keep the library moving quickly and effectively! 

Well, no need to guess anymore!  The 2019 Library Year in Review is here.  The Fulton County Library System saw increased usage and excellent customer satisfaction (over 97%!), in spite of having many library branches closed for renovations.Staff from closed branches took their "show on the road" and held programs at locations all across the county and helped get books and library cards out to residents at community events, meetings, festivals and more.  

We look forward to seeing how these numbers grow in 2020.  With closings of many businesses, including the library, due to COVID-19, to teleschooling children and work-from-home professionals now using digital services more than ever we are sure to have a banner year in our website and digital Services.  

Once you've reviewed this information, tell us how YOU FulcoLibrary?  Share it with us on social media with the hashtag #howdoyoufulcolibrary and tag @fulcolibrary.  Post a photo with your favorite library book or digital resource!  We want to hear how YOU FulcoLibrary! 

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