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Over the Moon for Our Library Volunteers!

The Fulton County Library System recently celebrated National Volunteer Appreciation Week by recognizing the record breaking achievement and lifetime total of 22,000 volunteers serving over 1.3 million volunteer hours, marking its 29th annual volunteer recognition program. In 2018, 2,413 volunteers donated 60,954 hours, valued at $1,504,954.26 in donated services. This year’s theme, “Over the Moon for Our Volunteers” falls in concert with the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo landing on the moon and the National Summer Reading Theme, “Universe of Stories.”

The Volunteer Recognition Awards Programs welcomed over 139 people to the Gladys S. Dennard Library at South Fulton and the Milton Library, where 218 awards were recognized during the ceremony. Awards were also given out at smaller celebrations throughout the Library System, honoring supporters from every part of the County. Special guest speaker, Fulton County Commissioner Bob Ellis, District 2, highlighted the importance of community volunteers, library supporters and patience during the renovations while addressing attendees.  Also on hand to speak and present awards to guests were Library Executive Director, Dr. Gabriel Morley, Board of Trustees Chair Phyllis D. Bailey, members Paul Kaplan and Nina Radakovich, Fulton County Deputy Chief Operating Officer Dr. Pamela Roshell, Central Library Administrator Cheryl Small and Union City Mayor Vince Williams.

Library volunteers help the library throughout the year by shelving materials, teaching coding, English as a second language (ESL), Tai Chi and yoga, as well as by serving as clerical assistants, children’s program assistants, tax aides, special event hosts and more – in most of the Library System’s 34 branches. Volunteers with 23 Friends of the Library groups were active serving over 24,200 hours last year.

Some special milestones celebrated during the ceremonies include: 19 volunteers receiving the Star Award for going above and beyond the call of service, 11 volunteers receiving the Millennium Award for reaching over 1,000 lifetime hours of service to the Library System and joining 77 current volunteers with that achievement, two volunteers reached 25 years of service, four volunteers celebrated 20 years of service, 11 volunteers celebrated 15 years of service, 10 volunteers hit their 10 years of service mark and 29 volunteers celebrated 5 years of service. In addition to all the adults honored, nine teen and young adult volunteers were also honored with the National President’s Volunteer Service Award for their service and youth volunteer of the year was awarded to Tina Alhani for her service at the Roswell Library. 

Additional honors included:

*Top Hours of the Year– Carol Harrison, Roswell Library, Ben Statham and Gerrie Fornek, Alpharetta Library (all serving 900+ hours last year)

*The Harriet Macklin Adult Volunteer of the Year – Patricia Gagne, Ocee Library

*New Volunteer of the Year–  Syed Naseeruddin, Milton Library

*Staff Award for Effective Work with Volunteers–  Julia Ratledge, Roswell and Milton Libraries

*1,063 new volunteers in 2018

*99 volunteers with 100-299 hours in 2018

*17 volunteers with 300-900 hours in 2018

Adult Volunteer of the Year Joyce Kramar 2017

Milton Library volunteer Joyce Kramar won one of the 2016 Harriet Macklin Adult Volunteer of the Year awards because she continuously exhibited a strong dedication and love of volunteering. This award was presented in memory of dedicated library volunteer and Friends' President Harriet Macklin by Ms. Macklin’s sisters Julie Dixon, Shirley McDade and Vivian Reid. Pictured left to right are Gerard Reid; Vivian Reid; Julie Dixon; Joyce Kramar; Dr. Gabriel Morley, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System’s Executive Director; and Paul Kaplan, Chairman of the Library’s Board of Trustees. 

Gigi Mitchell       Karen Swenson 5.3.17

Gigi Mitchell won the 2016 Youth Volunteer of the Year Award, pictured left. Karen Swenson won the 2016 Staff Award for Effective Work with Volunteers.